Set a-Thrift

I’ve never been a thrifter. Which is odd, because I’m not a splurge-r either. Don’t get me wrong, I will drop a scary amount of money on a shopping trip, but it’s always on like 50+ items all under $20. I rarely buy expensive items. So you’d think a thrift store would be right up my alley.

My cute friend Miss Shannon over at GBO Fashion is a thrift expert – she always seems to find awesome stuff. Check out this amazing outfit she put together – entirely with thrifted stuff! She’ll be guest posting at Fabulessly Frugal today about her top thrifting tips. Check it! Anyways… she inspired me to give it a shot.

The first couple of times I was pretty grossed out. I just pictured the grossest people sitting on their gross couches eating gross Cheetos and spilling gross root beer all over themselves in these clothing items. Plus everything I looked at was ugly. No surprise it ended up at a thrift store.

Finally, I gave it one more try. I was casually killing some time as the peeps at Plato’s Closet went through my buy-back stuff. Crammed between the racks of Kmart printed tees labeled “Sweeter than Candy” and “Heartbreaker!” was an Old Navy top (I know. I’m a sucker for cheap Old Navy tops) I had almost purchased last fall. It was loose, knit, striped, and could work with all of my black ensembles! A $4 match made in heaven!

Top – Old Navy via Plato’s Closet, Skirt – Gap, Shoes – DSW

Lesson Learned: most of the stuff is awful, and you can’t expect success every time. But every once in a while the Thrift Gods of Style smile down upon you.

P.S. we are terrible at taking outfit photos. Yes, we only use the Beard’s iPhone. Tips anyone?

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