Today Could Be the Worst Day of My Life

First day commuting from Orem to West Jordan at 6 am.

First day of my Clean Eating April.

First day of Term 4.

Brand new seating charts.


I spent all night tossing and turning. After Zumba, weightlifting and some Just Dance with my sisters yesterday I thought for sure I’d be out like a light. Nope. Instead I basically dozed all night long, checking my phone periodically to make sure I wasn’t sleeping past my 5:15 alarm. Now I know many people wake up much earlier than I do – but that’s pretty freaking early. {Yes, our new place is totally worth it. We love it!}

The good (?) news is that I arrived at school a whopping 20 minutes early, so you better believe that 5:15 alarm is rapidly changing to a 5:30 call time. That rainy drive was great because it was dark and boring enough that I actually drank my borderline disgusting green smoothie to kick off my Clean Eating April. Funny how it never gets consumed when I’m looking at it on my desk in broad daylight.

The school day started off pretty much awful with a skewed bell schedule – no, not an April Fools Day prank. This means the 5-minute warning bell before 1st period rang approximately 90 seconds before that tardy bell. Which means I had 20 students running, sprinting, frantically into my room for up to a minute after the tardy bell, PLEADING with me to not mark them tardy. 20x in a row.

Then, new seats. Today is the first day of Term 4 (45 school days left people!), and we desperately needed new seats. By the end of the year basically all of them are friends or know each other well enough to talk and bug me. New seat day is the day where I realize how stupid I really am for putting certain kids near one another. The day where 5 kids run up to me after class and tell me they need to be moved because they hate their deskmate/can’t see/don’t like sitting by the window/the kid in front of them farts.

Then there’s April Fools. I HATE APRIL FOOLS. When you’re a kid its about pranking people – Jim Halpert style. Which obviously I can get behind. But now it’s become “post something stupid on Facebook that tricks your grandma and maybe 2 of your dumbest friends.”


What April Fools SHOULD Be

In the Junior High it has still retained some of its former glory. Mostly pretending to cut one another’s hair or sneaking something gross into someone’s locker. One time my kids tried to turn all my desks around on me. One kid tried to steal my Diet Coke. He was never heard from again.

I check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in between classes to stay sane. It seems counter-intuitive, I know. It really does help when you’re surrounded by 13 year olds, though, I promise. But today I think I should probably stay away to avoid being driven mad by the fake pregnancies, engagements, new jobs, cross-country moves, every other idiotic thing that people find “funny” today. Well, at least for 30 seconds until someone with half a brain comments “April Fools!”

Maybe that’s what I’ll do today. Comment “April Fools!” on every single status before anyone has a chance to freak out.

And take a nap right after school. Well, after my commute after school.

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