Don’t Stop Get It Get It

I don’t really get post-vacation blues. I get post-vacation planning adrenaline. Yesterday after a good snuggle with my pup and a solid nap, I hunkered down in front of my laptop to catch up and make an action plan.insp5I have 16 days left of summer before I go back for teacher prep days. That’s 16 days to finally do the 80% of my To Do and Bucket Lists I’ve neglected since school got out on June 6th. Some good, some boring, some absolutely necessary, some just for fun.

Our vacation was awesome. We went on a short cruise, doing pretty much nothing, then a few days in CA with my in-laws and Haley & Chris, including a game at Dodger Stadium. I slept and ate and read 4 books (reviews & recommendations coming later this week). It was relaxing and rejuvenating to just do nothing in the sun with the people I love.

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But now it’s Monday and I’ve got 16 days to get shiz done. I just designed and ordered a sick planner, wrote approximately 5 different lists, made some plans and of course, turned to Pinterest for some motivation.

insp4 insp3 insp2

insp1So here goes. Sixteen days to get my act together and remember that I’m a professional teacher before I have to go back and march 200 new kids through my door. Sixteen days to finally clean my house, get on top of laundry, do those 10 home improvement projects I planned, finish my homework, go camping, master macarons and soak in every sunset I possibly can.


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  • 3 years ago

    Where did you order your planner from? I’m searching for a good one.

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