Blogs I Read (Almost) Daily

I say almost because, lets be real, I’m wasting way more time watching The Office daily. (Also I just started Grey’s Anatomy which feels like a huge mistake that I refuse to correct.) But there are a few blogs that I really, REALLY love. Most of the blogs I used to follow I migrated to Instagram only, because they were fashion bloggers and all I wanted to see was their outfits – Instagram is the best option! Some, though, are still worth the read.


Unrelated picture of the latest Reese Headband Poll. The outfit is Old Navy (you could have guessed) and the headbands left to right are from Every Little Thread, Lou Lou & Company, and The Barber Shoppe

Being the crazy scheduler that I am I have tried to be more intentional about the things I want to do by scheduling them explicitly. I was extra motivated by Better than Before. I love reading blogs and while my tastes have changed I still find new blogs that positively impact my life. Usually Monday is my “Gear Up” day. I take some time to motivate, recharge, and think creatively. It helps to jump start my week, and I look at it not as a waste of productivity – but as an investment in my mental health and preparation for the week. I’ve started to schedule time on Mondays to read blogs, browse Pinterest, and watch YouTube videos. I love it! And it makes Monday a day I can look forward to, crazily enough.

So here are mine – show me yours! I follow many more blogs than this, obviously. These are just my ride-or-die follows. If there are blogs/websites you read every day send them my way. I’ve got scheduled blog-reading time to fill.

Merrick’s Art

I love basically everything about Merrick and her blog. She’s crushin it in the fashion department – especially maternity style. She does hair, makeup, and styling posts. She throws killer parties. She is a great and involved mom to her two little boys (and the one on the way). She dresses modestly, but always looks great. She has me completely convinced that I need to buy a sewing machine and learn to do it with all her tutorials. Love this blog. I’m a huge fan.

The Financial Diet

This one is relatively new – my girl Melissa recommended it to me. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who reads a financial blog, but this one is actually really good. There are a variety of posts about jobs, shopping, credit cards, retirement, student loans, budgeting, and lots more. I sometime skip over them if they don’t seem interesting, but more often than not I’m reading and learning lots. We would really love to buy a house this year, so we’re trying to get more serious about finances and learn to make better, smarter financial moves. This helps, I think! The only thing I don’t like? She’s a big believer in curbing shopping – especially “fast fashion” like the cheap and trendy stores I usually love. 🙁 I know it’s good for me but I just can’t stop!!!!!

Today’s the Best Day

I originally found this blog because a girl who looks LITERALLY EXACTLY LIKE ME was featured in a photoshoot and several people tagged me thinking it was me! I ended up reading approximately 20 articles and have followed ever since. Again, I skip or skim some, but I love the variety and the overwhelmingly positive theme of loving life.

The Daily Tay

I identify with Taylor a lot, and I love that her blog is HER. Yes she does some lifestyle and some fashion and about running a business. But mostly it’s just HER and her life and her thoughts. She’s funny and honest and real. I love it. She’s always a place I turn when I feel out of ideas for writing.

Delicious Reads

This blog is so great, and I’ve mentioned it several times before. Anytime anyone asks me about books I refer them first to my Goodreads, then to this blog. Kelly and her contributors have a NEXT LEVEL book club. I’m serious. They don’t have book club meetings – they have book parties, in every sense of the word. They also write tons of great posts including book reviews, themed book lists, recipes, and book-related events/news.

Madi Paige Waters

Madi is a good friend and an amazing photographer. Her blog is always something different, which I love. It almost always includes stunning images, but her writing is just as good. She’s always a good reminder that blogs don’t have to fit a specific niche or trend – they can just be YOU and what you love.

The Usual Mormon Mommy Lifestyle Blogs

I know, I know. I’m basic. But there’s something so cute and inspiring about these moms and their lives. Yeah, sure, sometimes they’re fake but so am I and so are you. Overall I really like them and respect them. And they are The Daybook and Love Taza, mostly.



Blogging is weird and wonderful. I hope it never goes away.

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  • 2 years ago

    I love reading Merrick’s Art too. I love getting sewing inspiration from both her and her friend Leanne. Great suggestions!

  • 2 years ago

    How could anybody ever choose between those headbands on that adorable baby??

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