Harry Potter Book Club: Wandmaking!

I know I say this almost every time but this was honestly one of our most fun events ever. I was a little nervous, as someone who does not like or do well with crafts, to host a crafting event. Thankfully making wands is incredibly easy, even for n00bs like me. I really loved that we had so many different ways to interpret and design our wands, all using the same handful of materials.

Harry Potter Book Club

My cousin Sally made me this incredible cross-stitch of the characters! Can you even believe that?!!


We worked based on this tutorial, and it was really easy.


  • “Wands” – a member’s brother collected good branches from hewn trees and whittled them down for us which was AMAZING. You can also use chopsticks or wood dowel rods from the craft store.
  • Hot glue gun & plenty of glue
  • Acrylic paint/spray paint (the metallics were the most popular)
  • Foam brushes & detail brushes
  • Beads of different shapes & sizes
  • Plates for paint palettes
  • Wax paper for workpsaces
  • Optional: A soldering iron. We used Ryan’s to burn designs, names, and Deathly Hallows insignias into our wands. It was a really nice touch!

Wandmaking Wandmaking

The wand chooses the wizard as they say.

We had about 15 people and made over 20 wands!

Basically here’s the tutorial: Glue whatever designs, handles, shapes, or beads you want, mold them when they’re cool, then paint them as desired! Super easy!

Wandmaking Wandmaking Wandmaking Wandmaking Wandmaking


The little kids were super into it and did the best job!

Wandmaking Wandmaking I even got The Beard, a known Slytherin, to participate. “Check out my wand babe. This thing was born to Crucio.” SMH.

This was a great activity, and super easy. I definitely recommend it for craft nights or parties because it’s fun for all ages and abilities! Lumos!

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  • 2 years ago

    “This thing was born to Crucio” is one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

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