Guest Post: How To Cope With NOT Being in a Disney Park

Guest Post: How To Cope With NOT Being in a Disney Park

Hi guys! I am so excited to be able to guest post on the Danica Holdaway’s blog while she is loving on her cute baby girls! My name is Chelsea and I’m from the blog CeeCeeSparkles (link). I’m a wife to a really great, fun guy and a mom to the cutest little 14 month old boy ever. I’m a Master Esthetician and am obsessed with skin care and make up. My family and I are also one of those fiercely passionate, crazy, psycho Disney families and we are very proud of that – and that is what you really need to know about me for this post. Since I know Danica is a fellow Disney-lover I knew immediately my post on her blog had to be Disney related.


Raise your hand if you’re not in a Disney Park right now and your heart is a little broken because you want, no NEED, to be in one? Same, my friend, same. Even though our family vacations to Disney quite frequently, that does not make the time away from Disneyland or Disney World any easier. So I have created a helpful guide for you to survive not being in a Disney Park.. You’re welcome.


Look at your Disney pictures. The ones your parents took of you in front of the castle when you were 1 to the ones you took on your latest visit. Look at all of them and feel all the emotions. Cry, laugh, reminisce, but ultimately hang your head and allow yourself to feel some sorrow for you are not in a Disney Park.

YouTube all the Disney things. My personal favorite things to YouTube are: Fantasmic (Disneyland’s especially), most Disney parades but I’m particularly fond of the Paint the Night and Soundsational currently. Watch peoples Vlogs from the park. Close out of the app with a pit in your stomach because you’re still not there.

Make homemade Dole Whips or Beignets. I mean, there is no way they’ll turn out just as magical as the ones in Disneyland, but its a little something that can take you back to the happiest place on earth and while you’re eating it it just may feel like you are there. Then wouldn’t you know it, you finish your delicious treat and realize you weren’t watching Tiki Room with your Dole Whip in hand or you weren’t actually in New Orleans Square while you ate that beignet. Gosh dang it.

Wear your Disney apparel. It doesn’t matter if its a shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, socks with the castle, sweat pants with DISNEYLAND going down the leg or maybe its even your favorite pair of ears – wear them. Encourage your family and friends to do the same so everywhere you look there is a reminder of Disney. Dress your baby in all his/her Disney clothes. Inform your spouse how much you’d love if they followed suit. Then, feel a little more magical in your outfit, lay on the floor and wish you were wearing this particular item in the Park instead of on your floor.

Order a Disney Vacation Planning Video. Maybe you don’t really need this because you already have the park, the tips and tricks and the good stuff all memorized. But there is something really exciting about getting something Disney in the mail. And they’re fun to watch! But then of course the video eventually ends, you turn off the tv and…you miss it even more.

Log on to Disney Store online. Shop from the Disney Store and the Disney Parks. Browse for a long time and add whatever catches your eye to your cart. Buy a lot in an attempt to fill the void left in your heart that only a Disney Park can fill. It may not be a quick fix but it will put a smile on your face when you get the package on your doorstep. I mean, its no comparison to Disneyland or Disney World, but its better than nothing – and at least now your house has a little more Disney magic dwelling inside.

Hang up another Disney picture somewhere in your house. You know, if there is room. Because if you can’t be there its only natural to have every nook and cranny in your home remind you of the place you long to be. Then stare at those pictures and start deciding when your next trip will be – because you aren’t there and you need to be, pronto.
Change your wallpaper on your phone to a Disney Park picture. Or, if you’re like me, switch from one Disney Park picture to another.. My go-to is my son in front of the castle with his ears on. That way each time you look at your phone you will smile because the picture is so cute, but also you’ll be once again brutally reminded that you aren’t there and its a crime and a shame.

Listen to all the Disney Park music 24/7. It is crucial to your happiness/misery that you never have a moment without the magical melody of a Disney tune playing in your ear. Close your eyes and imagine you’re there. Think of your beautiful memories from The Happiest Place on Earth. Feel the joy swell in your heart. Then open your eyes. Shoot, you aren’t there still. But instead of getting too sad – plan your next trip. Because come on, you know you need to go. Then feel free to be sad that your trip is probably not tomorrow and you have to be patient.

Cry. Because lets be honest, you’ve tried everything listed above and its kind of impossible to sanely cope with not being in Disney. I tried to help.

I guess all thats left to do is to get started on planning your next Disney vacation!!

So this was a little tough to read for me because after 2 years in a row of TONS of Disneyland for us, The Beard declared that this would be the year of no Disney. Our last few trips had a few traumatic associations, and as we’re super excited about saving up for a house I definitely agreed. But now as I actually look down the road of the year of no Disney I think “Welllll… maybeeee….” Just gotta send him a few pics of the turkey legs and I’m sure it won’t be too hard to convince him. 😉 Thanks Chels!!!

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