Danica’s Planning Class – What’s Next

Danica’s Planning Class – What’s Next

I often drown in my own ambition. I have a billion ideas of a billion things I’d like to do. I’m also an Upholder a la Gretchen Rubin, so if I even have an idea I feel the urge to see it through. Sometimes I think “Ugh I HAVE to do this,” realizing I don’t actually want to. Part of my HOME 2017 is realizing how many of the random side projects in my life fall into that category. My planning class is not one of them.

Two weeks ago when we were out of town I was seriously so downtrodden. I felt like I had this list forever long of obligations and side hustles and passion projects and ideas. By the end of the vacation (lol by like Day 2) everything was back in color. I had perspective. I stripped away quite a few of the things on the list, or tempered my expectations for most of them. The one that I felt could have easily fallen into the elimination pile was my planning class. It takes work and, ahem, planning. It took time and money, and it really needs a lot of improvement from the first pilot class.

BUT I LOVE IT. And I do not want to let it just fall away. I’ve had a few different ideas for moving forward with it, and I’ve picked one in particular to implement immediately and one to begin pursuing.

Danica’s Mini-Class for Church Groups

After talking with a few people I realized this would be a helpful and productive direction to forge. Over the last two weeks I’ve brainstormed, outlined, and created a simplified, shortened, more practical planning class. The one I gave back in November was just SO MUCH info in too short an amount of time. This one simplifies it down to the WHY of planning, with a emphasis on Gospel principles. I talk about why you should plan, how planning can make you happier, and specifics about planning for your gospel and improvement goals. I have some subtopics for either Personal Progress for the Young Women or Motherhood/Callings for Relief Society.

These classes are totally free for a church group, and will take about 90 minutes. They have some instruction, some worksheet/personal reflection, and some example + Q&A time. So if you’re in Young Women, or a Relief Society Presidency or Enrichment Committee and think this would be helpful for your group – shoot me an email. I would be super happy to come teach this mini class for your awesome group of ladies. I have one planned right now, and I’m hoping to get a few more in before my next Planning Class element going! Which is…

Danica’s Online Planning Class!

I’ve talked about this a lot, but I think I’m ready to start testing it out and preparing it for fall. Back-to-School is a really good time, I think, for the planning class. People are settling into new routines, adopting new schedules, and setting new goals. No better time for an online planning class! My mini goal for now is to get the curriculum laid out, worksheets and resources created, and to run a small beta test course. The ultimate goal is to have it ready to launch for last week of August, and run 2-3 courses for the following weeks.

If you’re new or don’t remember those posts – these online classes will be offered in a Facebook group using Facebook Live. There will be a video to watch each day (you won’t have to watch live) and then worksheets/assignments to help you figure out what you need and want in your life – and how to plan for it. I’ll also have some free printables and giveaways. šŸ™‚

I’m just excited about this you guys. Just jazzed. I have all these ideas and so much fire. It’s ok if it’s not for everyone, and I promise this will not become a website for Danica Plans. But if you are interested make sure you’re following Danica Plans on Facebook because that’s where I’ll be posting most of the stuff related to the planning class.

If you’re interested in a mini planning class for your Young Women or Relief Society group, or know someone who might be – email me (dholdy @ gmail), comment on this post, or message through the Danica Plans page.

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