Welcome Home, Elder Budge!

There is nothing quite like introducing the people you love to your baby. Seeing my mom and dad and Brooke and in-laws and best friends meet my little Reester Bunny made me cry every single time.

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Turns out you cry a LOT harder when you haven’t seen that loved one in 2 years.

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Man I missed this kid. Me and Mitchell have the same brain. But I’ve always looked up to him (physically AND mentally) (yes, I’ve been using that joke since he got taller than me in 2007) because he is more tenacious. He goes after things. He feels more deeply and lives more vibrantly. He was such an inspiration to me on his mission because I could tell when he was frustrated or sad or mad, but he just looked it right in the face and said “Well, ok. Yeah that sucked but we’re gonna keep going because we’re doing the right thing.” I think that’s kind of Missionary 101.

Elder Budge wrote this incredible email this week before he came home and it pretty much made everyone cry/resolve to be a better person. Go check it out for some Sunday inspiration. A few things really stood out to me.

+ In Japanese culture no one really says “I Love You.” but they should do it more because the world needs more love. My family has never really been vocal about it either, but I need to be better at it. My in-laws are so good at saying it and it makes me feel like an awkward million bucks every time. I want to do it more.

+ “A good attitude during Sacrament Meeting on Sunday will affect your attitude for the rest of the week.” LOVE THIS. I can save my funny Sunday tweets until AFTER church.

+ “Remember that God has a sense of humor. Make sure to laugh along with Him.” I always seem to forget that He is our DAD. I love the idea of laughing with Him.

+ “Jesus Christ knows how hard your life is, even when it seems like nobody around you does. He weeps with you when you are sad and cheers with you when you succeed.”  It’s been a rough month or so for me and I swing between “I’m all alone!!!!!” and “Heavenly Father can you BELIEVE THIS?!!!! This is the worst!!!!” Both of those are awful. When I really reset and picture Jesus being WITH me. It hurts less, because His balm is healing. The pity party ends early, because why would I want to bum Jesus out? Just the feeling that He has felt it all and is on my team changes everything.

+ “Always make time to take a break and enjoy the scenery around you.” What a great simple life suggestion. Reese has made me slow down my life a lot more, which frankly, I desperately needed. How much have I missed (and will I miss in the future YIKES) because I’m rushing and focusing too heavily on a menial task at hand?

+ How did my little brother get so smart and wise? Because missions aren’t just for the people who need to hear the gospel. They’re also for young men like Mitch who get to learn and grow and become these amazing men for themselves, their families and the church.


+ Two years is a long time, but you get them back even better than you sent them. Welcome Home, Little Bro.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Elder Budge!”

  • 3 years ago

    Awwwwe. I love this so much. Missions are definitely for everyone involved, not just the investigators!!! This post got me all teared up thinking about reuniting with my brother and him meeting Addison for the first time. (She’ll be one, which is just too crazy to think about, but it’s only 8 months away!)

  • 3 years ago

    Great pics and post! Welcome home! Also, where did you get that amazing shirt??

  • 3 years ago

    just found your blog–so cute! Wondering what you think of your carseat canopy. I’m debating it and I wanted to know if you’re glad you bought it, think it’s useful/necessary, etc. Thanks!!

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