Pregnancy, Babies, and Moms

I scoured Pinterest, read books, and bought a lot of products – all so you wouldn’t have to!

At the end of the day you gotta use that mom intuition and do what works for you. But in case you need some ideas or just somewhere to start, I’ve gathered all of my pregnancy/labor & delivery/babies/motherhood posts here in one spot. Enjoy!


Pregnancy Announcement

First Trimester

My Pregnant Blogger Contract 

Farewell, Pregnancy Style – what I learned about dressing that bump for 9 months

The Answer Key for Awkward Pregnancy Questions – for when you simply CAN’T deal with another “natural birth” or breastfeeding interview from a coworker

*gEndEr ReVeAl*!!!! 

Second Trimester

Must-Have Pregnancy Beauty Products 

Halfway There, Livin on a Prayer – thoughts and faves from 20 weeks

Third Trimester

On Utah Baby Names 

No-Skin Maternity Photos!

My Hospital Bag + The Best Hospital Stay Ever – probably the best post I’ve ever written

What To Do the Week Your Baby Comes

Reese’s Birth Story


What a New Mom REALLY Needs

Getting’ That Postpartum Weight Loss

My New Mom Hair Routine

Body After Baby

The Biggest Loser + My Gym Bag Essentials – more about the kid care at my gym and how to pack a gym/diaper bag

Danica’s Mom Style Contract – when I decided not to wear leggings and Star Wars tees EVERY day

Postpartum Crazy – I dealt with some postpartum anxiety for a while! This is how I coped

Stay at Home Mom Life – adjusting and scheduling my new routine as a SAHM


Preparing Your Dog for Baby

How to do Disney with a Baby and our matching Disneyland Style if you’re into that

Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts (and the 5 to avoid)

Favorite Everyday Baby Products

Baby Clothing Needs – I go through exactly what we have needed for each size/age, along with my favorite places to shop!

Reese’s Patronus – and why I think every baby needs a Patronus/spirit animal

Headband 101 – required reading if you’re a new mom of a baby girl!