12 Outfits of Christmas: Snow Day!

Cute Snow Day Outfit!

No way snow day! It finally snowed! Now that I don’t commute I am all about it. I feel like we haven’t had good, clean, fresh, white snow in FOREVER so yesterday was really fun! Reese reacted to it the way she reacts to basically everything new – faint smile for .03 seconds and then total indifference.

Cute Snow Day Outfit!

Reese’s Fleece Jumper – Target (LOVE), Beanie – Groopdealz, Moccasins – Wright Design CoCute Snow Day Outfit!

I loved these outfits though! I had these kind of loosely planned for a Snow Day look – or really anything outdoors. I thought this would make a good outfit for walking through Temple Square, going to a light display, or shopping in an outdoor mall like City Creek, Gateway, or Traverse Mountain. (I wore a leather jacket when I was outside today, obvs not just runnin’ round in tee sleeves.)

Cute Snow Day Outfit!

Beanie – Old Navy, Tee – Pink by Victoria’s Secret, Jeans – Gap, Boots – Hunter

Cute Snow Day Outfit!

I will probably wear this outfit again because it was so comfy, cozy, and festive. Annnnnnnnd because I wore it for approximately 2 hours maximum to lunch with my friend Bri before I came home, snapped these pics, and immediately fell in bed with Reese to take a 3 hour nap. Sleep when the baby sleeps, right? Even at 10 months, right? Even if you have a ton of freelance work and blogging to do, right?

Cute Snow Day Outfit!

Another thing I’ve been procrastinating with lately:

Danica’s Favorite Christmas Television Episodes on Netflix

The Office

  • S2:E10
  • S3:E10
  • S5:E11
  • S6:E13
  • S7:E11-12
  • S8:E10
  • S9:E9

Parks & Recreation

  • S2:E12
  • S4:E10
  • S5:E9

New Girl

  • S1:E9
  • S2:E11

Arrested Development

  • S1:E7
  • S2:E6

Bob’s Burgers

  • S4:E8

Link on up!

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