Planning Class Q&A + Giveaway Winner!!!

First and foremost, congrats to Chelsea Lifferth for winning the giveaway! She did basically every option so I was not surprised that the Rafflecopter random selection pulled up her name!

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Now. Just a super quick plug for the class and to answer some questions.

“What if my schedule is insane?” “What if I’ll be out of town for half the week of the class?” “What if I miss a live class?”

You don’t ~have to watch live at all. You can watch on your lunch break, after kids are in bed, first thing when you wake up, whatevs. If you have a nutso day or are gonna be out of town – no worries! Catch up when you get back.

The class will take place in a Facebook group and you will have access for one month from the start date (from August 14-September 14). All the videos, files, comments, and more will be accessible to you during that one month.

“Will you do this again?”

Yeah, hopefully! Maybe another session in the fall; I’m thinking for sure I’ll do one for the new year. #newyear #newme

“What if I don’t use a planner?”

That’s ok. It really is! This isn’t about how to bullet journal or forcing you to buy into a particular planning system. The class is about helping you look at your life, making goals, and getting your life to look the way you want. I will talk about apps, ways to use Google Calendar and iphone notes, and yeah, a little bit about paper calendars and planners because I like them. But you do not have to use a planner.

“I’m not a mom/student/busy/working/good at planning.”

This class will literally work for anyone, because it’s more about philosophy and how to look outside the box of your current schedule. This isn’t just for stay at home or work at home moms. It isn’t just for Type A personalities or people whose lives are train wrecks. I genuinely believe everyone can benefit from this, and it’s designed for EVERYONE.

I just wrapped up my beta test class with a small group of friends who took it to help me out and give me feedback. I’m making some changes and updates to make it even better.

You can still sign up, get a friend to sign up with you, or recommend to someone who may enjoy it (or need it lol). Thank you guys so much for your support. This is a crazy idea and mini-dream I’ve had and I’m really having fun making it a reality, even if the process is messy.

{UPDATE: The August class is closed but you can sign up for the waitlist for my next class below!}


Don’t forget I also offer a shortened, 90 minute, Gospel-centered class totally free for YW/RS groups. Send your Enrichment Night Coordinator or Presidencies my way if you’d like this for your church group!

I’ll be back on my normal blog BS Thursday, see you then. xoxo

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  • 7 months ago

    This is *literally* one of the busiest months of my life but I want to do this!! I’m just having FOMO knowing I won’t be able to watch any of it live.. 🙈

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