Guest Post: So You Want To Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

Guest Post: So You Want To Wash Your Hair Less Frequently
Caitlin is guest blogging today and per usual her post made me literal LOL. I mean “get some dry shampoo up in this b*****” is something I’d like to put in vinyl on my wall someday. And everything she shares about decreasing our hair washing is 100% true and helpful, along with hilarious. Enjoy!!

Hello, dear DHoldy readers! My name is Caitlin, and I write over at The Alcohol Cooks Out. There, I bring to you life hacks you never knew you needed, my monthly Thumbs Up Thumbs down series where I celebrate what I love and smear what I don’t, and the occasional narrative. I am earning a graduate degree in school counseling psychology from the University of Utah, I work for Intermountain Healthcare in pediatrics, and I’m a mom of a one-year-old. I know Danica from growing up and attending the same schools. We played soccer on the high school team together, both have an affinity for Radiohead and movie theater popcorn, and I have been a fan of her writing way back during her blogspot days. 
This is a life hack I’ve told many people of, but have never written down the steps to success. I love this hack, and I love this blog, so no better way to make its debut, in my opinion.

Lather, rinse, repeat, right? WRONG.

Every one of us has been brainwashed by Big Shampoo. The only reason we’re told to wash our hair every day is so we buy more shampoo (cha-ching noise). In honor of Danica adding another beautiful lady to the Holdaway clan, I want to share how you can get to a much more low-maintenance hair regimen, because ain’t nobody got time to wash and style their hair every day. Least of all a mom with a new baby and a toddler.

mua: me

hair: me (no heat tools, washed three days before this photo)

boob size: pregnancy


Okay, maybe you don’t have to throw it away. If you look in the ingredients and your shampoo is sulfate- and paraben-free, you’re golden! If not, show it the door. These chemicals are a strong type of detergent, which gets rid of dirt and grime. Wait, isn’t that the point of shampoo? Well, these types of detergent are so good at getting rid of nasties, your scalp thinks it needs to produce more oil to keep your hair from drying out and breaking. Destination: Grease City, USA. My favorite to use for the last while is the Tea Tree Tingle shampoo and conditioner from Trader Joe’s. For the natural curly girlies out there, this is an excellent choice.


This is the most important step. Obviously. Your hair is greasy because you wash it every day. And why do you wash your hair every day? Because it’s greasy. This cycle will never end if you keep going the way you’re going. So. Start with every other day, and increase the time between washings as your hair acclimates. You will go through a greasy stage or two, and there are things you can do to combat that, but choosing a period when it’s acceptable to be a grease ball for a while is a good time to start this (e.g., right after having a new baby).


I’m not talking about buzzing your hair and dyeing your tips, though that would having me spending much less time on my ‘do in the mornings before work than my current setup. I’m talking about aCcEsSoRiEs! Headbands, hats, scarves, sunglasses, ferrets, or whatever else you can use to hide your shiny roots from the rest of the world; put it on! Thanks to athleisure, a thick, neon headband can be worked in to pretty much any outfit. Who do I have to talk to so living in workout clothes will never be out of style?


Brushing your hair in the morning with a boar bristle brush can help redistribute the oils throughout the shaft of your hair, making your hair smoother, softer, and clean-looking. I’ve also blown dry my dry, straight, dirty hair with a boar bristle brush, and that helps with the limpness that can sometimes come on Day 4. Or Day 5. Or Day 8. We won’t tell.

Note: I wouldn’t suggest this if you have naturally curly hair, because as you probably know, you’ll end up with what my hair looked like most of seventh and eighth grade before I knew how to treat it. Why did I never get asked out in school???


Whether it’s baby powder for the icy blondes, cocoa powder (yup, you read right) for the swarthy babes, or legitimate spray from a real live store (this is my new favorite), dry shampoo does wonders for the Day 5 Struggle. Be sure to not spray too close to your scalp, let it “soak” for about ten minutes, and then massage it in, not unlike normal shampoo. I usually only do this once between real shower shampoos because my hair and scalp get too much buildup if I don’t.

That’s it! When I tell people how infrequently I wash my hair, sometimes they will noticeably recoil from me. Girlfriends, I shower every night. Sometimes twice a day depending on the humidity level that occurred in my bra during work. Twist your hair up in a bun, towel, or shower cap, and hop in.

Let’s save water, shampoo and conditioner, and time. We’ve got better things to do than worrying about when we’re going to fit in a hair washing.

I won’t tell you when my last shampoo was. And I won’t judge you if yours has been a while, too.

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