Danica Likes: June

Danica Likes: June

A while back my friend Emma started a separate Instagram account to share her favorite things and recent finds. I have loved it so much and end up trying almost everything she shares. I love hearing what people are buying and trying and eating and finding – especially other moms and people like me. Recently I found myself wanting to share a lot of great things I’ve discovered lately, so I decided a monthly post about my latest favorite things is in order!

I’m going to shoot for the middle of the month for each post, and share a variety of things that I’ve been into lately – makeup, food, shows, stores, activities, products, and kid stuff. None of these are sponsored or advertisements – I bought all of these myself and the love is straight from my heart <3 The links are affiliate links with Amazon though, so I get a couple cents if you buy – just FYI.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

I’ve been trying to get into lip color for a long time now. I’ve tried quite a few different colors/brands/formulas and just couldn’t stick with anything. I knew I needed one that dried matte and wouldn’t smudge on my babies or Diet Coke cans. And I never want to spend ~that much on them because I don’t use them that often and might hate it. Michelle Money recommended this lip creme in Pretty during her Money Method course, and then a few weeks later I was browsing makeup in Walmart and realized that they carried Milani and it was cheap. They didn’t have Pretty but I bought Adorable, which is a a really great pinky nude. I was instantly hooked and now I have Adorable, Pretty (mauve-y pink), Amore (bright red), and Fancy (hot magenta). It goes on smooth, dries matte, and isn’t tacky or tight or burning. It can flake a little with dryness, but my lips are literally always peeling so that might just be me. I love them. I’m hooked. (Also on Amazon.)

Fiiz Drinks & Macarons

I LOVE Sodalicious and always will. But now there’s a Fiiz close to my house AND they have a berry Diet Coke named the Threat Level Midnight AND they have delicious macarons so… I’ve kind of been cheating on Sodalicious with them lately. It’s just too good!

Aveeno Baby Ezcema Therapy Nighttime Balm

Speaking of my family’s dry skin curse – Loney’s got it. She has little dry patches on her stomach, arms, legs, and scalp. Regular lotion wasn’t cutting it, and I have a hydrocortisone cream for if it gets really scaly or flaky, but I wanted something in the middle just for everyday treatment/protection. I bought this on a whim when I saw it in Smith’s and I’ve really liked it. It’s a balm, so it’s thicker than a lotion and definitely leaves a bit of an oily residue – but that’s what I’m looking for because it’s seriously hydrating. If I’m really consistent about using it she has no dryness!

Great Harvest Drive-Through

There’s a newish Great Harvest near our home and I’ve been hitting it once a week since I first tried it. It’s pricier than most fast food, but I like to think it’s so much healthier that it evens out? Idk. I get a half chicken salad sandwich and a half cobb salad and a huge Diet Coke with whatever syrup I’m feeling in a styrofoam cup. Also bonus? You can get a loaf of bread. Drive through bread. I love it. It’s so fresh and delicious!

Old Navy Go-Dry Seamless Sports Bra

Basically no bras ~actually fit me right now, but this one is the only one that doesn’t cut into me or pinch me or rub me or make me feel gross. It feels wrong not to express appreciation for the bra I reach for the second it comes out of the dryer. (Also they’re $5 off right now so get one!)

Munchkin Handled Shampoo Rinser

I got this at Target a couple of months ago and the other night I realized “Hey. I love this and we’ve used it literally every single day since buying it. I should share.” I bought it because it makes pouring water over your kids a lot easier and more manageable. It’s soft so you can bend it so it won’t go in their eyes if you’re rinsing their hair, which is always helpful. It’s also a fun toy – although I can’t let Reese play with it because all she wants to do is dump out all the water on the bathroom floor, but maybe your kid isn’t devious.


I am so so terrible at self tanner. The best one I’ve ever used is the St. Tropez, but it’s so pricey and still streaked. I usually stick with the Jergens Natural Glow because it’s the most minimal for streaks. Two people recommended this Tanwise so I went for it. The price is good and the streaks were minimal, and just my fault. I really like that it gives you instant color and that you can easily see where it’s ending up. And not really any smell! I still use a mitt because I’ve found that helps best for even application. This one’s a summer win for me.

evol Thai Style Curry Chicken

I LOVE a good yellow curry. Ryan is not a huge Thai fan so I don’t get it very often. I thought I’d check for a frozen meal because I eat lunch at home most days, and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s one of those frozen “meals for two” but I can get 3 lunches out of it! I microwaved it and then separated it into thirds, one on my plate and two into tupperware for lunch throughout the week. It’s so good!

Ok my list is much longer but I’ll save some for next month! Hopefully at least one of these sounded cool to you and gave you something to try! Enjoy 🙂

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  • 7 months ago

    Ok! Can you go into more detail on the Milani? Is it similar to this Lipsense craze everyone is in without the $50 price tag (I mean Come. On. $50 on my lips is kinda cray!)? I want something longer lasting that I don’t need to reapply all day long, because I either A. Forgot to bring the color with me or B. Forget to reapply. As you can see, I have a mild case of early onset dementia.

  • 7 months ago

    Yay I’m so glad you like the Tanwise!!!

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