I am




Type A.


Last week I finished “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. It’s a very Hunger Games-y young adult fiction series that my kids all read and came highly recommended. In the book you have to choose, at age 16, which faction you will be part of forever:

Abnegation – values selflessness and service

Candor – values honesty, sees black and white

Erudite – values knowledge and intelligence

Dauntless – values bravery and risk-taking

Amity – values peace and love

I’m definitely an Erudite. Which got me thinking about the arguments we have at the Holdaway’s about which Hogwarts House we’d be part of – The Beard is Slytherin and I’m probably Ravenclaw.

Then I ran across this chart on Pinterest and decided to figure out which MBTI personality type I am (obvs I’m a Red/Type A, but this is much more comprehensive!) I took this quiz and my results were ENFJ – Padme. Ugh. Better than the Darth Vader I first thought I would be, right?

star wars personality test results

It got me thinking about how a personality test really doesn’t tell you much about me. We are all these random accumulations of likes/dislikes, values and quirks. I’m so much more than Extroverted/Intuitive/Feeling/Judging or Type A or Red or Ravenclaw.

I am:

a shopper

a teacher

crying over every fictional story

a blonde

an Office fan

in love with Mr. Darcy, Han Solo, and The Beard

a smartass

a softball player

a Trekkie



a girly-girl

a nerd

a geek


a spender

a jokester

a talker

crushing candies

a Mormon

a puppy lover


a reader

a writer

a sister

drinking Diet Coke

a texter

a makeup junkie


a perfectionist


a blogger? I guess so.




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  • Have you read the whole series? I just finished Divergent, and I’m hoping the other two books are good as well!

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